with THE LETTERMEN in Las Vegas

Shinichiro trip 2010/03/24-03/31

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Advance preparation:
Sending the gathering registration fee for the Lettermen fan club (including March, 26-28th concert tickets)
Reserved Hooters Hotel on 24th, and South Point Hotel on 25-30th
Airline tickets reservation on 24th and 29th by Korean Air

From bus stop the most coming near to Kansai International Airport at 1:30pm o'clock March 24th. Departure on 5:25pm. Arrival Seoul Inchon airport on 7:25pm, on 9:30pm to Las Vegas direct flight and arrived on 4:40pm at McCarran international airport on the same day by Korean Air. It took 15$ included tip to Hooters Hotel with taxi (Cab). I walked from the MGM Grand hotel to the Bally's hotel after taking a rest. I bought two big sandwiches 6$ and the souvenir purchase 10$ at the stores. On the next day 25th, after I checked out at 11am o'clock and walked along the avenue as I want to visit lively terminal 1 because it was the arrival at terminal 2 last day, and I strolled to the airport because of wanting the confirmation in the range of the shank's pony on the map. However, no one was walking. I thought that it arrived in about 20 minutes according to the expectation, and would have arrived in about 15 minutes if I had no luggage. There were indeed a lot of tourists. I arrived on about 1:30pm at South Point Hotel by the taxi 20$ included tip. I took a rest for Lettermen fan club party. When I was in front of the party room on 5:30pm, some persons had already waited. There were only American. It was natural. Moreover, the most were women. Facebook friend's Lynne was confirmed. She had come from New York. I was called by Shirley indebted by fan club email always after the door got opening and got peep. As for the other side, she knew my face on my site etc though I didn't knew her face only for the first meeting. Because the Japanese was understood only me. What a candid one it is! She said I'm Shirley for the time being though I was not noticed her first however. I sit down at my table. There were next two seats had become vacant at the central table. I thought that there were not being possible to come on that day. Lettermen had talked with many fans of the acquaintanceship as soon as they were made to appear after ten minutes. They have the aura. Do they remember me since New York of two years ago. Then, Donovan said that we appreciate always to express our gratitude for his compromising here with kind word. And, what a candid person's Mark was taps on my shoulder, shook hands with me by leader's Tony. We are already like friends. The fan club victory ceremony was beginning more and more before the party. And, the names of the victory ceremony and the photo contest awardee were called one after another. I was called my name, Is not the my name and ..the surprise.. how called? I thought that I made a mistake of something. Now it must already be off the subject though the photograph has been sent two years ago. How then, was the prize named Most Travelers prepared! My souvenir pictures were taken in some measure after the participants' grand applause of the welcome, and the interview was done. The route from Japan was asked how long of the time to have flown. Next of the birthday commemoration workman's livery birthday song, souvenir pictures one after another going. And, my name called again eventually. My birthday ended a little before. My commemoration was taking a picture again. I thought I had to be happy very much honesty. Mr. Les Brown of the conductor of this time for new Lettermen CD album also has come and greeted it. Moreover, daughters of Mark got the participation introduction done with their boyfriends. I thought that it was the United States though what an opened relation it did. And, the party began. I was said that an elderly woman of the married couple taking of the same table would have seen my Lettermen site. There was an effect that made the site. And, how did Mr. Tony try to sit down on the seat vacant next to me? I was a surprise very much again. Holding thanks to take care with my poor English variously. Moreover, because Turn Around Look At Me was sung in the shows this time, he sang exchanging the joke with a cappella. Tony's wine introduction, provide were happy party and ended, the surprise to have the message from Tony again. I was variously indebted to Karen. She is Las Vegas living. I thought that I had the first schedule tomorrow. Then, I was said that some persons will gather in the room of Mr. Tony tonight. When I have gone to the room of Mr. Tony, their interview of the television was just collected, and other people did not come still, and was surprised again. I thought the honor for me calling in such a place. Collection ended, other participants also came up a little time, and Mark and Donovan fled. I got Tony's wine with Mr. Bob Crosby as Vocal Group Hall of Fame also participated. However, I felt the admiration for the consideration of Mr. Tony to the guest really. He kept talking whether you liked such entertainment all night long. I was surprised at his power again. It was talked from 9pm to 3am with everybody. There were retiring persons on the way because of sleepiness. In the schedule on the 26th tomorrow, this will be the enjoyment by the appearance of Sound Check being seen from 4pm, too.

I awoke early probably because of the excitement in the morning and I ate at the hamburger shop in the hotel on 9am. The amount was the fault about 8$ none or there was an overeating feeling. I think that it is quantitatively these kind of things judging from the price. I took pictures of hotel's commemoration with my camera after lunch. Everyone had the externals gathering already in the show room. Shirley was waiting at the entrance when I went there after taking a rest. Sound Check began. It was very much for their sound match in harmony and the falsetto including Donovan's happy singing to begin rehearsals with his yodelling utterance practice with three parsons. The performance checked safety completion. On 7:30pm their concert began finally. The photo session of the singing of customary on the way though the concert was as a matter of course wonderful. I was told to go up on the stage by Doug from Indianapolis taking a picture for you, though I did not have a mind to go up there first. He told Mr. Tony to raise Shinichiro when I said no circumference of singing by finishing of course made of the long line. Then, Mr. Tony said putting out to array with OK sign. The song 'Up Up And Away' ended in the tail by the woman in front of me when I was waiting. But they had begun to sing the last phrase of the song again. I had gone up on the stage. A large shout of joy was bathed in from spectators at the same time as Donovan had begun to point at the logo mark of Lettermen of my sweater then, and it had been undertook considerably. Because the sweater bought by the fan club several years ago had been wearing for this day. The encore from spectators very much with once more though taking pictures ended. And the song ended in general, too. Simultaneously again with a large shout of joy, however their showmanship was demonstrated though Lettermen had also indeed to be embarrassed momentarily, they had begun to sing again, and the encore was taken pictures with my devilment? Thank you very much, Doug. When I was getting off the stage, I heard Japanese of an English becoming duller from "Arigatou gozaimashita(Thank you very much)" by a woman. I was moved deeply by her. After the wonderful concert, there were the long line for the autograph session. And we had bowling with Lettermen on 12am. It was ended on about 1:30am. I ate at the restaurant in the hotel on 27th the next day with charge of 6$ plus 1$ tip. We left by the chartered bus and The Price is Right for seeing in front of 12:30pm hotel at the boarding Bally's hotel. Meeting of Lettermen. I was looking at a similar program on the television the day before. The pleasure way of the chosen spectators was terrible. There was also a concert of Lettermen in 4:30pm south point hotel the return tonight. I got into a taxi early morning because I was free and even the Sahara Hotel was 30$ include tip on 28th today. I walked strolls to the Bally's hotel. Return 24$ include tip to South Point Hotel by the taxi. It eats in the hamburger shop in the hotel. I took my camera reacts instantly putting when taking a close-up picture turning his mic as the phrase of 'night and day' suddenly was sung because he came to be near puzzled because (I thought that it was likely to be made to the guest in the United States naturally) I was unexpected momentarily as a Japanese though I came getting off from Mr. Tony in the concert of tonight by his solo singing of Night and Day and was sitting on the front row of the stage on the day. I think that I was able to sing well because I always listened to this song with CD. Thank you very much and Tony san. After the wonderful Lettermen concert, Donovan said in the end autograph session that he will travel privately to Osaka and I was moved deeply. I spoke with the woman of having come from the Philippines. There was an invitation tonight from Mr. Tony again, and we talked to 11pm happily in this afterwards as other everybody. I got wine. I promised to send the video of the appearance of the television program of Japan of Lettermen to Mr. Tony. (Already sent it according to the promise. )It was on about 4am dissolves. Getting up in on daytime of 29th about 4pm hotel checkout. Free meeting and sending off bus 4:30pm to the check-in time-space port had been reserved. The Korean Air Lines boarding was completed on 5pm terminal 2. Departure for by way of 8pm Los Angeles. It arrived in about one hour. It started afresh on 11pm to South Korea Seoul Inchon airport. I arrived on about 4:30am on the 31st. I slept in the airport lobby of five hours because the transfer time is 9:30am. Arrival on about 11:30am at Kansai International Airport. But the Japan country entering was severest and was unexpected for me. The checks with the inspector were examined most honestly for me while my traveling as I was alone this time. (laughter) If I had the strange one, already had been restrained with the United States latest equipment. (I was inspected also in Seoul. ) I arrived on about 12pm by the bus at the bus stop of the most much coming near home on 12:40pm safely.